"The Everything Planner" Can Help To Declutter Your Mind (and fillable worksheets)

When I began studying organization and productivity, my holy grail was David Allen’s “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity”. I’ve been obsessed with balance, finding ways to not be overwhelmed by my projects, daily tasks, and priorities. I will say, overwhelm is kind of inevitable, right because we’re juggling different things at different periods of our lives.

My goal is always to find to balance in the chaos, peace in the pause. You can easily minimize your stress and overwhelm by simply emptying your mind. Try these 3 lists to clear your mind and get back to what’s important.

List One:

If you feel behind or you’re in need of some self-appreciation. Write your accomplishments by year, day, hour, or lifetime.

Use the lined pages in your Everything Planner or download the “Things I Accomplish” free fillable pdf to save paper.


List Two:

If you feel overwhelmed or your mind is jam packed, write everything that’s on your mind. From to dos, things you’re looking forward to, things you’re waiting for, worries, excitement etc. Whatever is on your mind, write it down as a placeholder.

Use the line pages in your Everything Planner or download “Things on My Mind” free fillable pdf to save paper.


List Three:

If you have a 100 reoccurring projects with 1000 tasks for each of them. Write out the Project Name, Deadline, Goal, and the project tasks.

Use the Project template in your Everything Planner or download “Projects” free fillable pdf to save paper.


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