Digital Decluttering During Your Commute

If you’re a commuter, whether its in your uber, bus, on the train, or flying you probably spend hours of your day. If your use your phone for everythinnngggg, it may get cluttered with a little bit of everything. If you know you need to clean out your phone but feel like you don’t have the time. I got you. Here’s small steps to make that you can make, even if you don’t have service.

Eliminate that daunting red notification by doing these steps.

  1. Delete old text convos

  2. Delete voicemails

  3. Clear recent call log

  4. Delete contacts you don’t use

  5. Delete burst photos

  6. Delete duplicate photos

  7. Clear recently deleted

  8. Delete screenshots you posted/used

  9. Turn off the “save to camera roll“ option for Instagram photos

  10. Delete apps you don’t use

  11. Write draft responses to texts and emails

  12. Archive read emails in their label/folder. See post

  13. Delete emails

  14. Organize apps into folders

  15. Save names for new contacts

  16. Go through iPhone recommended storage deletion 

  17. Turn Off calendar, notes, and contacts in settings

  18. Read notifications or turn them off

  19. Turn off notifications

  20. Close windows in Safari

  21. Close Apps