10 Digital Declutter Tips

Its becoming more common to need to declutter digitally which means there’s a need for more education on what it means.

Digital Decluttering- the process of deleting, reorganizing, and cleaning up the contents on your devices including but not limited to; the files, documents, apps, contacts, messages, emails, notifications, bookmarks, and photos on your desktop, laptop, tablet, cell-phone, hard-drive, and camera.

We’re so advanced now that we need to define digital clutter and I love it. I’ve been organizing and decluttering my digital life since flopping disk and here are 10 digital declutter tips I live by.

  1. Put email conversations into a folder

  2. Unsubscribe to newsletters you don’t read

  3. Delete duplicate files in your downloads folder

  4. Choose 1 place to house all your documents

  5. Organize your documents by date or theme

  6. Delete apps you don’t use

  7. Invest in a hard drive/transfer files to it

  8. Delete duplicate photos 

  9. Shut down your computer overnight

  10. Archive emails you’ve read but need later