Hey! I wanted to thank you once again for your help and this first session! You’re so patient! I will say that waking up this am, I felt at ease and the energy felt lighter...even walking into the closet I felt at ease to find things better!
— Tamara

I feel good! It feels so good I walk into the room even when I’m not using it, just to bask in it.
— Siria Alvarez (entrepreneur)

I feel lighter, for sure. It’s definitely helped me process the use of pronouns in our home and making sure they promote unity instead of division. You are a gem and I appreciate the process. It’s intimate and can be emotional because we become so tethered to our “things.” Letting go is also a part of life and I was able to do it with ease because of your help and vision
— Ayana Iman

Rebekah uses her expertise along with her kind spirit to help you move through the process. I feel amazing! The space is so open, it allows me to move freely. I love it! Rebekah is definitely changing lives one space at a time!
— Jazmen Rogers (wardrobe and hair stylist)