life organization plan


This plan closely relates to an Executive Assistant and Project Manager. It is a service that digs for the root cause of your disorganization, creates a personalized solution to address and helps you to fix it.

The plan is designed to address your specific needs, dismantle current systems that aren’t working, and create new ones for long term success.

The first step is a phone consultation, then a 2-hour exercise. You receive a comprehensive plan based on your needs. Finally, I help you execute that plan

Within this price includes the budget for any products (if applicable).

What you get:

  1. 60- Minute Consultation

  2. Life inventory (2-hour exercise)

  3. Two life organizing options

  4. In-Person Organization Session (if applicable)

  5. Organization Action Plan

  6. Follow Up and Tea

  7. The Everything Planner



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Choose any Two*


You need a way to track your projects in order to complete them. Your current project management system is non-existent or the one you’re currently needs some tweaks. I help you to improve your current project management system or create a new one.


You want to develop your idea but you're unsure how to move forward. You have the vision to bring your idea to life but you’re not sure how to go about it. I help you come up with actionable steps through a mind mapping exercise that gives you clarity.


You have a never ending to do list that overwhelms you daily. You start your day with a plan but end your day not making any real progress. I help you to organize your to list and focus on what matters. You will have mental clarity, be more productive, and check off your to-dos.


You never have enough time to complete your tasks and everyday is a blur. You feel discouraged because you’re not sure how to use your time more efficiently and get things done. I help to identify what you’re doing with your time and create a schedule that works.


You know what you need to do because you have clear goals in mind but you need a place to put it all. I listen to identify the root cause that’s preventing productivity and create a digital planner (available to print) for your specific needs.


*Supplies Included. Do you have a lot of ideas don’t get to bring them to life? Do you want to see all your ideas in one place? Are you uncertain about your creativity even though you know you’re sitting on million dollar ideas? I help you to create one book for all your ideas.


You have goals, ideas, and personal aspirations, you have an idea of what you want to do but don’t know where or how to start. I help you to create a personalized Mind Map with an overall picture of life, its parts, and your next steps.


You already mapped out your goals, and written your next steps, you already know what you do. However, your do lists overwhelms you. I help you dump what’s in your mind, find mental order, and create an action plan moving forward.


The Life Inventory is a master list of all your reoccurring relationships, work, business, home, projects, goals, and personal aspects of your life. It’s a running list of what’s inside your head. I help you to create this placeholder instead of constantly thinking about all of them.


You watch the days go by as your tasks go undone. You want and need more time but you’re not sure how to do that. I create a personalized daily scheduler to increase your productivity and help you to use The Everything Planner to make better use of your time.


You have 100’s of unread emails, you can never find the file you need, and using your computer is that much harder because your digital life is a mess. I help to create a better digital filing system and organizing your files so you find what you need when you need it.


You have several ideas and you want to be able to see them all in one place. You do not want a paper system for your ideas but a digital system to see all your ideas in front of you. I create a digital system to help put all your ideas in one place for mental clarity and certainty.