This plan is an intimate service that declutters one room or studio apartment including but not limited to:

  • master bedroom

  • kitchen

  • living room

  • dining room

  • Basement

  • bathroom

  • or nursery

The Home Declutter Plan recognizes that your external clutter is a reflection of your internal. However, mental clarity starts with a clean home. I assist you in sorting through your belongings to keep the most important items and eliminate the rest.

The first step in the Home Declutter Plan is a 1)Clarity Call, which is a free 15-minute phone consultation. Next, we schedule a 2)Kiki, which is an-person walk-through, where I visit your home, you give me a tour and we tackle next steps. I create a 3)Declutter Plan, which is your personalized road map to a clean and functional home. Your Declutter Plan also outlines the steps to declutter and organize your home.

Send me an email inquiry if you need more information or if you want to get started, fill out the Let’s Work form.


Before and After