Business Organization PLAN


This plan is a service for businesses who need their current organizational system reorganized or created. It mirrors an Administrative Assistance and Organizational Management. It includes:

  • Organizing digital files

  • Organizing and decluttering email inbox

  • Customer Realationship Managment (CRM)

  • Data Entry

  • Filing and Documents

  • Project Management

The first step is a phone consultation then an in-person consultation. I assess your current systems through shadowing, questions, and observation. You receive a comprehensive plan to organize your business based on its needs. I help you execute that plan.

This plan includes 3-day assessment, 2-week implementation stage that includes group training of new systems, and a 2-week follow up.

What You Get:

  1. 20- Minute Phone Consultation

  2. 3-Days of Assessment and Walk Through

  3. Business Declutter Plan

  4. 2-week Implementation

  5. Group Training

  6. 2-Week Follow Up